spontaneous strife transportation

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spontaneous strife transportation

Postby polyamorousdave » Mon Aug 29, 2016 12:40 am

(I'm having a difficult time getting in touch with developers :T does anyone know what I can do?)

I'll be strifing, minding my own business, clicking Advance, only to suddenly be taken out of my strife and apparently dropped in a whole new one with different enemies. The three occasions that I can remember best:

1) was strifing (don't remember what or on what planet, but it was waking strife) and suddenly was fighting (actually, I was on the victory page where it told me the enemy was defeated, I never actually *saw* the 'in-strife' page or whatever) a 'community service' or something like that? I was told this was a Prospit 'enemy'... I'm a derse dreamer. again, I was engaged in WAKING strife

2) was fighting twelve archeons or titachnids or something like that of high level. suddenly I've defeated a single rust imp. as you can imagine, I was quite disappointed.

3) i was not actively engaged in strife, but i was in a dungeon, and I got to the Lich Queen. in the text above the dungeon explore box, it said i was suddenly assaulted by 'lich queen' and several dersite muggers. when I clicked the arrow to go to the strife page, it told me I wasn't engaged in strife. when I moved onto the boss square again, the queen had not spawned any liches- the game dropped me in a strife with her, but not with any of her minions.

This has happened several times to me, but those are the only ones that I remember right now. Anyone else?

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Re: spontaneous strife transportation

Postby whimsicalParadox » Mon Dec 26, 2016 5:38 am

Eheh--- sometimes when clicking 'advance' or 'strife' can lead to "strifusion" where someone else had clicked the same button at the exact same time, and the strifes got mashed together.

At least I'm pretty sure that's what happens. (ts happened to me a lot)
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