UK Votes to Leave the EU, Let's Talk About That

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UK Votes to Leave the EU, Let's Talk About That

Postby wildFandom » Fri Jun 24, 2016 8:04 am ... erendum-c/ ... m-36575186
^links above for more info
(EDIT: sorry about the rant)

so for from what i've learned, the UK's vote to leave the EU greatly affects not only the UK, with effects such as how the sterling has fallen to 3 decade lows, but also countries like the US and already in Japan, the stock market has halted.

while currently i am not yet affected by this (being an American high school student), i feel that the UK leaving the EU will have negative effects.
the Brexit side claims that they want to leave because of multple reasons such as:
    -how the EU threatens British sovereignty, -how the EU is strangling the UK in burdensome regulations, -and how the EU allows too many immigrants.
in reality, by getting out, the UK does not have to follow any of the EU's rules/laws, even the ones that protect people and their rights such the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, which contain 54 articles divided into 7 titles:
    -The first title (Dignity) guarantees the right to life and prohibits torture, slavery, the death penalty, eugenic practices and human cloning. Its provisions are mostly based on the ECHR, although Article 1 closely reflects Article 1 of the German Basic Law. -The second title (Freedoms) covers liberty, personal integrity, privacy, protection of personal data, marriage, thought, religion, expression, assembly, education, work, property and asylum. -The third title (Equality) covers equality before the law, prohibition of all discrimination including on basis of disability, age and sexual orientation, cultural, religious and linguistic diversity, the rights of children and the elderly. -The fourth title (Solidarity) covers social and workers' rights including the right to fair working conditions, protection against unjustified dismissal, and access to health care, social and housing assistance. -The fifth title (Citizen's Rights) covers the rights of the EU citizens such as the right to vote in election to the European Parliament and to move freely within the EU. It also includes several administrative rights such as a right to good administration, to access documents and to petition the European Parliament. -The sixth title (Justice) covers justice issues such as the right to an effective remedy, a fair trial, to the presumption of innocence, the principle of legality, non-retrospectivity and double jeopardy. -The seventh title (General Provisions) concerns the interpretation and application of the Charter. These issues are dealt with above.
an example of an possibly life changing effect, is that now that the UK is leaving the EU, they don't have to follow Article 21, which prohibits all discrimination including on basis of disability, age and sexual orientation. This means they can remove those laws made to protect, and change them, for better or worse.

debate below about how you feel about the outcome, how you think it should have ended, etc, you get the gist.

EDIT: TL;DR, basically i think UK leaving EU is very bad for everyone

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