For those who wish to roleplay, here it is

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For those who wish to roleplay, here it is

Postby twangyDarkness » Thu Jan 12, 2017 4:04 am

grist kind:
Strife specibus (optional):

Eg (what im RPing as)
Nick Davidson
Sylph of Space

You're name is NICK DAVIDSON and you hold many INTERESTS. you enjoy playing VIDEO GAMES on your off time and SPEND TIME with your FRIENDS at different places, often a mcdonalds. you are a avid READER and often can be found reading when you aren't supposed to. you can often get FRUSTRATED or ANGRY when things don't go as planned, but have learned to CHILL. this can often lead to an uncaring attitude and a lazy disposition. when you are online, "you tend to speak with a expanded vocabulary that can be confounding to some".

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Re: For those who wish to roleplay, here it is

Postby carefulTemper » Thu Jan 12, 2017 5:25 pm

Name: Ignisa Ampora
Classpect: Sylph of Mind
Pesterchum: carefulTemper
grist kind: uh... build grist?

Your name is IGNISA AMPORA and you are a lonely troll. You used to enjoy ART and still do at times, but you are now more interested in FINDING YOUR MATESPRIT who you haven't seen in months. You tend to be easily irritable with any mention of his name, and you also talk in a sort of "laid-back, ssimple sseadweller accent".

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